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October 9, 2022

Some cool tips you should know


How To Book and Event ?

Booking an event is a simple as a telephone call or an email. Soul Style Barbecue has several catering organizers standing by to answer your questions and to help you plan any event. You can easily complete our online form or book with us by calling 904-619-1208.


Rules of what you need to feed your group.

• 1 Pound of meat serves roughly 4 people
• 1 Pint is 3 servings/ 1 Quart is about 6-7 People
• Delivery Fees start at 35.00 based on mileage, inquire for the exact amount.
• Disposable steam tables are available for purchase, info upon request


Do you have staffing?

• Choose from one of our catering packages or we can help you build your own.
• Our fully-staffed packages include setup, cleanup and breakdown
• Buffet includes chaffer display and serving utensils with the purchase of a catering package.
• Service and kitchen staff are available
• $200. Per server, up to 6 hours
• Passed Appetizers are available upon request.
• Beverages and desserts are available upon request.


How many staff do I need for staffing?

• Suggested staffing ratio for Buffet is 1:35 person plus any additional carvers, bartenders on-site cooks.
• Suggested staffing ration for plated is 1: 15 for plated service plus any additional carvers, bartenders, and onsite cooks.